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$8,000 First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit - Approved by FHA/HUD 5-29-09 - But buyer BEWARE !!!

The following post could be made a little more clear.  But it is a good update.

Tax credit for first time homebuyers



BUYER BEWARE of Tax Credit


The first time homebuyers tax credit of $8,000 has been approved by HUD for all FHA loans. But don't get too excited too quickly. If you get a chance to read the mortgagee letter, ML 2009-15, it states that you can't use this tax credit for the required down payment of 3.5%.

HUD originally put out mortgagee letter 2009-15 on May 12th, but was rescinded the next day. Please read about that here : $8,000 tax credit rescinded by HUD. For some reason, it was prematurely placed on HUD's web site, but apparently wasn't finalized. Now we have a new version and if not read correctly, you could be putting misinformation out there. So what does the new mortgagee letter state?




Here is the positive part about the tax credit. You can receive the first time homebuyers tax credit upfront, but not through the IRS.  This would be illegal. Please read : It's illegal to receive your tax credit before you close on your homeBuyers - BEWARE, please read that, because too many people are saying that you can get the money directly from the IRS prior to closing. The IRS & HUD both say no!!!

So how can you receive this upfront?  It can be given to you as a second or a silent second from any Federal, State, or local agencies, and any FHA mortgagee or any FHA approved non-profit organization.  People, in layman's terms, this is already acceptable by HUD's standards, except for the lender that is now able to give the monies upfront in a form of a 2nd mortgage. Another terminology is that this can be an advance loan from any of the entities mentioned above.




Summary :  Essentially, this means that the entities mentioned above, are purchasing this tax credit on your behalf and giving it back to you. The short version of this is that you can use some of the money from the $8,000 Tax Credit as your down payment, but after you put down the first 3.5% of that down payment. Meaning, you have to come up with 3.5% of your own money still. With FHA loans, it can still be a gift from a relative/family member.  It also can come from non-profit or government agencies to be used as your initial down payment, but not used through the tax credit. Overall, the tax credit that is advanced, can be used for all closing costs. But you can't receive monies back at closing. 

And again, keeping in mind, it's illegal to receive this tax credit upfront directly from the IRS. There is more verbiage in the mortgagee letter 2009-15 , but the main point is that you have to have 3.5% of the downpayment yourself, before you can use the tax credit that would be 'loaned' to you.



THOUGHTS??? - Well, in all honesty, how does this truly help? What is the gov't thinking here? As a buyer, I would still need the initial 3.5% of my monies for the down payment. Again, needing money to buy. I know some of you are for this fact, that buyers should have skin in the game. But keep in mind, this was not the true demise to our foreclosure mess. We need to sell houses to keep this economy going.  Just my opinions and food for thought.  thanks



My Series on the First time homebuyers $8,000 tax credit - Everything you need to now, from start to finish - What's allowed and what's not allowed :




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$8, 000 First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit - Approved by FHA/HUD 5-29-09..
The following post could be made a little more clear. But it is a good update. BUYER BEWARE of Tax Credit The first time homebuyers tax credit of $8, 000 has been approved by HUD for all FHA loans But don't get… more
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